What does a hearing test show?

Hearing problems are much more common than you might think – whilst older people are more likely to have hearing issues, they can affect people of any age, so it is important to get your hearing tested regularly to prevent any health effects this may cause.

A hearing test is usually the best way to get your hearing checked. If you have any queries about your hearing, it would be worth booking a hearing test by a trained professional. It is important to find out what does a hearing test show before having one so that you have all the information needed at your disposal.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test is a measurement of the sensitivity of a person’s hearing. The official term for a hearing test is an audiogram and will be performed by an audiologist, who will measure the quietest sound that can be heard across several points covering the speech range. It is also important to mention any hearing issues you have at a hearing test as this will help the audiologist to advise on your health accordingly.

What happens during a hearing test?

During a hearing test, the audiologist will explain everything that is going to happen and introduce themselves. They will then check if there are any reasons the hearing test cannot go ahead and will look for blockages within the ears. Before the audiogram is started, the audiologist will provide a consultation with the patient and ask them questions about their hearing history, with questions usually being asked about when their hearing difficulties started and the health issues they have faced as a result.

They may also ask about how the hearing issues have affected their life and the problems these hearing difficulties have caused. After this, the audiogram will commence and usually lasts between 20 – 30 minutes. A number of sounds will be played through headphones for the patient (each ear will be tested separately) and the patient will be asked to respond to these sounds. 

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What does a hearing test show?

The results of a hearing test will show whether the patient has any hearing loss, usually from sensorineural hearing loss (damage to the nerve or cochlea) or conductive hearing loss (damage to the eardrum or the tiny ossicle bones). This will enable the patient to receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, which will help to keep them healthy in the long run and may also prevent further damage to the ears.

Booking a hearing test

Booking a hearing test is easy and simple. You can go through the NHS or privately. Online tests can be conducted, however, these may not be as reliable and it is recommended that you get your test completed by a professional.

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