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Our Clarkston location, specialists in hearing and tinnitus.

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Audiology in perfect balance

Diagnostic hearing test

The integrity of the outer, middle and inner ear will be assessed as well as the overall hearing levels of an individual.

Noise protection

Hearing loss is almost inevitable in later life and we are there to help when it does but we also promote hearing protection to reduce the need for early intervention.


We offer tinnitus assessments to accurately assess your symptoms and provide personalised solutions to help manage them.

Hearing aid assessment

The effectiveness of the current hearing solution will be assessed by our audiologists both in terms of client satisfaction level and speech intelligibility.


What we can do for you

We will take care of every aspect of your ears and hearing, whether diagnostic or rehabilitative, preventative or responsive. We are proud
to offer a comprehensive audiology service to our clients. We promise
to do so with professionalism, integrity and with care.

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Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

Receiver in the Ear hearing Aids

In the Ear Hearing Aids

In the Canal Hearing Aids

Our Team

Iain N Edgar

Audiologist/ Director (BA PgDip HCPC MSHAA RCCP)

Frazer Paterson

Director and Clinical Audiologist (BSc, PgDip, HCPC, MSHAA)

Susie Darroch Paterson

Director and Front of House


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

I developed tinnitus recently which gave me some concern due to family history. Frazer removed some ear wax and thoroughly tested my hearing, giving me confidence that everything was fine. He has a really friendly, yet professional, approach. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

-Peter Rutherford

First rate service from Almond Hearing I can’t praise Fraser enough for his professionalism and caring attitude. He gives the best advice not necessarily the most expensive advice.

-Dolinda Haddow

My husband has lost hearing on one side during an accident over 20 years ago and, following traumatic experience, hasn’t seen an audiologist in 17 years. What was meant to be very uncomfortable experience that brings bad memories, was such an ease due to Frazer’s professionalism and knowledge. He had various options and suggestions for us, but, most importantly, we felt that Frazer actually cared about us and wanted to provide the best care possible. I have also had my hearing checked and it was such a smooth experience. If you keep postponing your appointment to a hearing clinic I highly recommend booking an appointment to see Frazer at Almond Hearing, you won’t be disappointed.

-Goda Morgan

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