wax removal

Ears feeling

There are three recognised methods of ear wax removal and the most appropriate will be selected for each client based on the anatomy of their ear, case history and the position and the density of the wax.

We use Video Otoscopy before and after the procedure to show the health of the ear and that we have successfully removed the wax.

Micro Suction

Micro suction uses a tiny medical hoover to delicately lift the wax from the ear canal. We’ve invested in a high powered (20x magnification!) microscope, the type commonly used by ENT consultants.  This means we can see the ear canal in detail throughout the procedure.


Irrigation (not to be mistaken for syringing!) is the most traditional method of ear wax removal using a purpose-made irrigation machine. Water is gently introduced to the ear canal using a variable pressure control to flush out the wax. This is a good option if the wax is soft and deep in the canal but not suitable for anyone with a perforated ear drum.


Instrumentation uses specialist tools to tease wax from the outer portion of the ear canal. This is mainly used in conjunction with another form of removal and to remove any foreign bodies.

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