Starkey Hearing Aids ​

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey is dedicated to providing advanced hearing solutions so you can continue to live a full and enjoyable life without having to worry about what you can hear. Starkey strongly believes that the ability to hear is as important as breathing, which is why they are a leading manufacturer of premium hearing aids, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to hear well. Starkey is the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner and the 2022 BIG Innovation Award winner.

What sets Starkey apart?

The latest Starkey innovation is two-way audio, which enables effortless contact and handsfree conversations with Evolv AI Hearing aid microphones, that allow streaming directly to and from iPhones and iPads. Starkey’s main priority is to help you lead a fulfilling and enriched life. They strongly believe in the many benefits of good hearing, including the maintenance of good mental and physical health by keeping you focused and in tune with an active lifestyle. Starkey aims to make your everyday life easier and help you to maintain your closest relationships by ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with your communication.

So many styles to choose from

Starkey offers a wide range of hearing aid styles, including in-ear and outside-ear designs. You can choose between the following styles: Receiver in Canal (RIC), Behind the Ear (BTE), Invisible (IIC), Completely in Canal (CIC), In the Canal (ITC) and In the Ear (ITE). Most of Starkey’s hearing aids are rechargeable, meaning you can easily take them on the go and can rest assured that your hearing aid will last. The innovative designs available enable you to choose a style that suits you and makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Take your hearing back into your own hands with Starkey’s premium range of hearing aids.

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