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Our hearing services will take care of every aspect of your ears and hearing, whether diagnostic or rehabilitative, preventative or responsive, we are proud to offer a comprehensive audiology service to our clients. We promise to do so with professionalism, integrity and with care.

Hearing Services Clinic

Diagnostic hearing test

The integrity of the outer, middle and inner ear will be assessed as well as the overall hearing levels of an individual.

Video otoscopy will highlight any blockage in the ear canal and show any damage to the tympanic membrane, or eardrum.  A tympanogram will give an indication of the flexibility of the eardrum and would highlight any eustachian tube malfunction.

Pure-tone audiometry will provide the hearing thresholds of the individual and any difference between bone conduction thresholds and air conduction thresholds would help to confirm the nature of the loss.  Speech testing and speech in noise testing will demonstrate the functional hearing capability of an individual.

Further hearing services or onward referral to ENT will be arranged, as appropriate.  

Noise protection

Hearing loss is almost inevitable in later life and we are there to help when it does but we also promote hearing protection to reduce the need for early intervention.

A continuous noise of level of just 85dB has been shown to result in hearing damage and either cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

We offer specialised plugs for workers exposed to industrial noise; musicians where a certain level of attenuation is required or motorcyclists where wind noise can reach 105dB!

Tinnitus Assessments

we offer tinnitus assessments to accurately assess your symptoms and provide personalised solutions to help manage them. Our assessments are conducted by our clinic director, who uses the latest equipment and techniques to evaluate your tinnitus and hearing abilities.

Following the assessment, he will recommend the best course of action based on your individual needs

Balance assessments and rehabilitation

A specialised balance assessment and treatment is available to clients suffering from ear related dizziness, vertigo (spinning sensation) and other balance disorders.

During the initial  assessment we will take a detailed history about your symptoms and carry out a series of assessments to determine the cause of your symptoms. These will involve eye, neck and body movements and in some cases a hearing test.  A particle repositioning manoeuvre treatment will be offered for those diagnosed with positional vertigo (BPPV).

We will create and issue a personalised rehabilitation plan to continue at home, if appropriate.   Review appointments will routinely be arranged to assess the progress of the rehabilitation and changes will be made to the rehabilitation programme, as appropriate.

Hearing aid assessment

The effectiveness of the current hearing solution will be assessed by our audiologists both in terms of client satisfaction level and speech intelligibility. If new to hearing devices the benefits, limitations and expectations of wearing them will be discussed.

Different styles of instrument may be discussed and the relative benefit of each.

A recommendation will be made based on lifestyle of the individual and their speech in noise testing results. A live demonstration of the latest may be appropriate to gauge the initial benefit and help guide the treatment

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