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A brief history of the Phonak brand

The Phonak brand was first born as AG für Elektroakustik by French-Belgian investors in 1947. Since then, the brand has been on a journey to transform the way we hear the world around us with the introduction of the SuperFront hearing aid back in 1978.

With the brand taken over in 1985 by the Phonak Group, the brand was reintroduced as Phonak Holding AG. Since then, models such as the PiCS Hearing Computer, the AudioZoom multi-microphone technology and the MicroLink (the world’s smallest FM receiver) have paved the way for the Phonak range of hearing aids we know and love today.

Why opt for a Phonak hearing aid?

Phonak are leaders in the creation of hearing aids.

Not only do they strive to provide cutting-edge models, but they spend time researching why hearing loss occurs, its symptoms and variations (such as tinnitus) to both make their models better and to support those struggling with this condition.

For example, they’ve set up an online community wherein sufferers can talk to others about their experiences and to Phonak about what they can do better.

The result of this has been ground-breaking hearing aids, for example:

Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Paradise, first introduced in 2020, brings with it all new hardware. This translates into a sleeker design with crisper sounds, meaning that you can live life in high-definition. The device aims to combine dynamic noise cancelling with a focus on the speech and natural sounds around you that matter.

The Paradise model also comes with a range of digital solutions that only add to your experience. For example, hearers can benefit from universal connectivity and Bluetooth-enabled functionalities. It’s never been better.

Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity is the latest innovation in hearing aid technology from Phonak. Designed to provide exceptional sound quality and advanced features, Lumity takes the listening experience to new heights. It incorporates cutting-edge advancements in digital signal processing and wireless connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with various audio devices.

With Phonak Lumity, users can enjoy natural and clear sound in diverse listening environments. Its adaptive algorithms optimise speech understanding and reduce background noise, allowing individuals to engage in conversations and activities with confidence. The device is available in different styles and models to cater to individual preferences and hearing needs.

Roger™ wireless microphones

Recently Phonak developed Roger™, an advanced microphone and wireless communication technology. It consists of a range of wireless microphones and receivers that enhance speech understanding and improve communication in challenging listening environments.

Phonak Roger microphones are designed to be used in various loud settings, such as classrooms, meetings, and noisy environments. They capture the speaker’s voice and transmit it directly to the user’s hearing aids or cochlear implants. This direct transmission helps overcome background noise and distance, ensuring clearer speech perception.

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