Hearing loss is one of the most common problems people face in old age. While hearing loss isn’t always avoidable, there are some specific steps you can take to prevent its onset.

It’s also important to note that hearing loss can start at any age, so prevention measures should be implemented as early as possible and be a regular habit for the rest of your life. Below we explain how to prevent hearing loss in old age.

How to prevent hearing loss in old age

1. Avoid deafening noise

Unfortunately, most people, not just the elderly, are now experiencing hearing loss due to environmental factors. It’s essential to reduce the volume in your life by turning down your TV, car stereo, and especially when using devices such as earphones or earbuds. Always make sure the volume doesn’t exceed 50% on your music devices. It’s essential to always wear ear protection when prolonged exposure to loud sounds is expected, such as working around machinery. You should also wear ear protection around power tools, generators and lawn mowers.

2. Embrace proper hygiene

Poor hygiene habits can lead to a build-up of wax in your ears, it’s crucial to never stick any object in your ear or scratch your ear to remove it. This is one of the leading causes of most ear infections or damage.

Please consult a doctor if you believe ear wax has something to do with your hearing loss. During air travel, yawn frequently, especially when the plane is landing and take a decongestant if you have a cold, flu, sinus infection or any other respiratory problem.

3. Check your medication for hearing loss risks

Some medications such as antibiotics, cancer-related drugs or even high doses of aspirin can cause ear damage. If you take prescribed medication, always confirm with your doctor to ensure you aren’t at risk of hearing loss. If you have to take medication that can harm your ears, it’s important to have regular ear check-ups.

4. Change your lifestyle

If you’re a smoker and have hearing issues, now may be a good time to quit. Studies show that smokers are more likely to suffer from hearing loss than non-smokers.

Regular exercise such as a brisk walk can help increase blood flow in the ears. An increase in blood flow improves the cells in your inner ear, which are responsible for translating sound into electric impulses for your brain to understand. You experience hearing loss when these cells degenerate.

5. Have your hearing tested

Do not hesitate to see an audiologist if you suspect you or your elderly loved one is experiencing hearing loss. If you damage your ears, this can’t be reversed, but further damage is preventable.

It’s essential to make an appointment for a hearing test if you:

• Have family members with hearing loss (hearing loss can be genetic)

• Have trouble hearing in between conversations

• Are around a loud environment regularly

• Hear a ringing sound in your ears regularly

• You haven’t had a hearing test before

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