How to clean wax out of hearing aids

In the UK, two million of us use hearing aids and a further six million could benefit from them. If you’re a hearing aid user or you care for someone who is, you might have noticed that a waxy build-up on the hearing aids can be a problem. Too much earwax can affect your hearing aids, producing a whistling sound. Knowing how to remove wax effectively can minimise the problem, so this blog explains how to clean wax out of hearing aids.

How to clean wax out of hearing aids

There are a few steps you should take if you’re wondering how to clean wax out of hearing aids. If you don’t already have one, purchasing a hearing aid cleaning kit is important. This gives you a variety of tools to ensure you thoroughly and carefully clean your hearing aids.

1. Visually inspect the hearing aids

Take a look at your hearing aids to see where the wax is building up. Start by cleaning these areas with a clean dry cloth. In some cases, this is enough to resolve the problem. If not, use your kit to clean the hearing aids more deeply.

2. Use the cleaning kit

The tools in your cleaning kit should help you to remove the ear wax. Whilst these tools are specifically designed for hearing aids, use them carefully to avoid pushing wax further into the device.

3. Clear the wax filters and guards

Modern hearing aids usually come with wax filters and guards. You should inspect these parts regularly for debris. Remove the debris if you can, but if it’s too difficult you might need to replace them.

4. Clean the tubing

Some hearing aids have tubing that can become blocked with earwax. If yours do, carefully remove and clean out the tubing with an air blower (puffer) or bendable wire. Tubing needs to be replaced from time to time, so if the blockages are severe, you might need replacements.

Waxy build-up in your ears

If earwax is building up on your hearing aids it’s likely you also have some build-up in the ear canal. If you’re concerned, always speak to a professional and avoid trying to remove the wax yourself. Trying to remove wax yourself is a common cause of ear infections and damage. You can sometimes use oils at home to help treat the problem but you should always seek professional advice.

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