How to check if I have hearing loss?

Most people who wonder whether they have hearing loss have already noticed some frustrations with their hearing. You may feel like you can’t hear as clearly as you used to, or perhaps certain settings like a crowded room create real challenges.

Many of the signs of hearing loss are fairly common and consistent among those suffering from it. Here are several of the top signs. If one or more of these sounds familiar, it’s time to visit an audiologist for a hearing test.

Crowded or Noisy Environments Cause Trouble

If you struggle to hear a conversation in a crowded or noisy environment — more than the others in the group — this could be a sign of hearing loss. Damaged ears can’t differentiate between background noise and speech as well as healthy ears, making noisy spaces problematic.

People Complain That the TV or Radio Is Too Loud

If you feel like you have the TV or other audio source set to a comfortable level and others are complaining about the volume, you may be dealing with hearing loss. We’re not talking about jamming out or partying here— just a volume that seems reasonable and normal to you but seems too much for others.

Conversations with Small Groups are Frustrating and Muddled

People with hearing loss often struggle to pick out one voice when two are talking, and dialog might overall seem muffled. If you find yourself frustrated with conversations (especially group conversations) and feel like no one is speaking clearly, the problem might actually be hearing loss.

Phones and Exact Words Are a Struggle

If speaking on the phone seems harder than a real-life conversation, or if you frequently misunderstand exactly what someone’s saying (even though you can hear them speaking well enough), you may be dealing with high-frequency hearing loss. The detail of many consonants is in the higher frequencies, and it’s hard to parse out what people are saying once these frequencies start to fade.

Can I Use a Free Online Hearing Test?

There are all sorts of “free online hearing tests” out there that claim they can diagnose your hearing loss. In fact, if you’ve been searching about hearing loss online, you’ve probably already come across one of these. It’s natural to wonder if you can just use one of those tests from the comfort of home.

Unfortunately, most of these tests are not at all scientific. They tend to be sales-driven rather than having your best interest at heart, too. And they’re incapable of being particularly accurate since the sound of those tests is entirely dependent on the headphones or speakers you play the tests over.

The best approach to diagnosing hearing loss is to take a professional hearing test, called an audiogram, at an audiology clinic like Almond Hearing.

Wondering Whether You Have Hearing Loss? Book a Hearing Test to Confirm

The top signs mentioned above are a great place to start in determining whether you might be dealing with hearing loss. However, there’s no substitute for a professionally administered hearing test. If the above signs suggest potential hearing loss, you can schedule a hearing test today at Almond Hearing. Our team can confirm whether you have hearing loss and create an individualised plan to help you retake control of your hearing.

Reach out now to schedule your hearing test.

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