Hearing Tests

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How Hearing Tests Work

When you arrive for your hearing test, an audiologist will explain what to expect throughout the visit. Your audiologist will first check your ears for any physical blockages (typically, ear wax) that would affect hearing and the test results.

You’ll also be asked some questions about your hearing. These will likely include whether you’ve had any injuries or illnesses affecting your ears, whether you’ve had a history of auditory trauma (sustained loud volumes), and when you first noticed difficulties hearing.

Next is the test itself, called an audiogram. You’ll wear a set of headphones for somewhere between 20 – 25 minutes. The Audiologist will play a sequence of sounds, and you’ll indicate by pressing a button when you believe you’ve heard a sound. In most cases, this test is done one ear at a time, since hearing loss can occur at different levels in either ear.

The audiologist is measuring two things with this test: which frequencies you can or can’t hear (e.g., are high, middle or low pitches problematic for you?) and at what volume sounds have to be for you to hear them. These measurements are compared against a normal hearing pattern to establish the scope of your hearing loss.

Next Steps

If your audiogram reveals some hearing loss, your audiologist may add additional testing, such as a speech testing, to further analyse which spoken sounds are problematic for you.

Once additional testing is completed (if needed), your audiologist will outline a treatment plan for you. Expect to learn about the various hearing aids that could improve your hearing ability, as well as what the calibration and rehab processes look like.

What You Need to Do to Prepare

Many patients wonder how to prepare for a hearing test. The best thing you can do to prepare is to give some thought to your history and hearing journey so you can give your audiologist a complete picture. 

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