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Cutting edge hearing aid technology

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We offer hearing aids from the world’s best manufacturers.

As an independent provider we can select the most appropriate solution for each client.  We will take time to correctly prescribe and verify the fitting, using probe tube measurements, for the best possible outcome.

Never miss a word

Connectivity – never miss a word in that gripping drama or the punchline in your favourite comedy.  Our hearing aids can connect directly with a range of devices from TVs, mobile phones and smart devices.

Rechargeable technology – you won’t get caught on the hop needing to change a battery.  Enjoy over 24 hours hearing from a single charge….. Environmentally friendly too!

Digital processing – ground-breaking technology to improve speech understanding in the most difficult environments, like cafés and restaurants.

Remote microphones – for some clients even the best hearing aid technology can fall short.  Then we can utilise remote microphone technology to reduce the distance between the speaker and lower the background noise.