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Let our expert audiologists guide you on the most suitable hearing aids for your needs.

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We have invested in years of training and education to develop the skills and knowledge required to correctly care for our clients. You will only be seen by fully qualified audiologists registered with the health and care professionals’ council.


Treatment options and the cost of our services will always be clear.

As an independent provider we have no alignment to any hearing aid manufacturer and can offer the best solution for each of our clients.


Regular service appointments will be scheduled as well as a yearly hearing test.

The fitting rationale is based on the hearing levels and it is essential that the prescription is checked regularly.

Never miss
a word

Never miss
a word

We work with all the leading hearing aid manufactures so you always get the device specific to your needs.

Our Process


A thorough and comprehensive consultation assessing the health of the outer, middle, and inner ear in our dedicated ear care clinic


We use a process called ‘Real Ear Measurement’; an essential step that measures the performance of the hearing aid while it’s in the ear – removing any element of guesswork – ‘the subjective nature of fitting an aid’


We recommend that you begin testing your hearing aids in situations where you feel comfortable, for example when you’re talking to family or watching TV. – ‘We offer an extended warranty and lifelong aftercare at no additional cost. Regular reviews and reassessments will be scheduled to ensure consistency of care’

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