Can chronic ear infections cause hearing loss?

Ear infections can be painful and uncomfortable but usually pass within a few days. If you are having them repeatedly or you have an ear infection that won’t go away, it could potentially cause hearing loss or permanent damage to the ear. Most hearing loss due to an ear infection is temporary, but it is important to check your hearing levels regularly. We take a look at what a chronic ear infection is, can chronic ear infections cause hearing loss and what to do if you are suffering from hearing loss

What is classed as a chronic ear infection?

A chronic ear infection is when an ear infection doesn’t go away or keeps coming back. Symptoms include pain in the ear, high temperature, difficulty hearing, discharge from the ear and sickness. Most ear infections should clear up within three days so if it lasts longer than this, seek medical advice. If you have been having ear infections often and are repeatedly struck down by painful earache and dizziness, there is a risk of permanent hearing loss.

How can chronic ear infections cause hearing loss?

Some ear infections can temporarily cause hearing loss as the ears get congested and this can also affect balance. Once the ear infection has healed, your hearing should return. If you continue to notice that sounds seem muffled or distorted, it’s a good idea to get a hearing test booked with a professional audiologist. Some signs of hearing loss include listening to the TV louder than you normally would, asking people to repeat themselves and having difficulties hearing on the phone. It is more likely to be hearing loss caused by a chronic ear infection if you have a feeling like your ear is blocked or you have difficulty hearing in just one ear or itchiness.

Treatment for chronic ear infections and hearing loss

Treating an ear infection quickly with antibiotics is important and can reduce the risk of a recurring hearing problem. Try to stop water or shampoo from getting into your ear and don’t ever put anything inside your ear to remove wax. It’s also important to have a follow-up exam and hearing test with an audiology expert to assess your hearing after your ear infection has cleared up. If you have been suffering from hearing loss and there is permanent damage to your hearing, there are a variety of solutions available, including hearing aids and ear wax removal by an expert audiologist. Regular hearing tests are especially important as they can monitor your hearing for any degeneration and suggest ways to improve it.

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