Almond Hearing, one year on.

They say the first year of business is the hardest. What about the first year of business during a global pandemic? We opened the clinic on the 2nd September 2020 and are soon to celebrate our first birthday. We’ve made it through our first year and here’s a little on how we’ve managed and what’s to come.

Having recently moved to the area we saw that Livingston would be the perfect place to open a new independent hearing clinic and when we found the unit in Barden House, Murieston. We knew it was a perfect fit for our modern audiology business.

Almond Hearing has been open for a year.

We are passionate about Almond Hearing becoming the trusted hear care provider in our local community and making a small contribution to improve the lives of our clients and feel we’ve gone some way to achieving this over our first 12 months

We’ve had an interesting and exciting first year, especially with the storm of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here at the clinic, we are seen as an essential service so were able to remain open throughout the crisis, although footfall at some points was low.  We adhered to industry wide guideline and erred on the side of caution. We always want our clients to know that their health and wellbeing comes first with both Coronavirus procedures and with their ear health and hearing.

This year we have had many highs; we know how important hearing is and we are pleased that so many that come to us decide after our audiologist’s advice to go ahead with us as their hear care provider. We like to think this has a lot to do with our transparency and honesty. Client feedback makes us happy and means a lot to us. Recommendations are wonderful and we couldn’t be more grateful to the clients who are happy with our service and send custom our way.

The most important part of Almond hearing is our team. We all really do care, and this is reflected in the services and procedures we offer. Whether it’s a balance assessment with Peter, ear wax removal with Ruth, a hearing assessment with Frazer or a smile and a warm welcome from Bailey or Susie on reception. Some faces may go this year and some new ones may arrive, but all will have the same ethos at heart, and all will always be part of the Almond Hearing family.

We’ve been delighted to have articles in local and national papers and to be supporting local sports teams and charities. You can expect to see Almond Hearing up in lights at this year’s Westrigg Electrical Halloween light show to support a very worthwhile cause.

We are excited to see what the next 12 months holds for Almond Hearing.

Thank you to all our amazing clients for their support during our first year.